Showtimes - Mega Cineplex, Megamall Pinang (Level 4)
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Friday 25 April 2014  
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Mega Cineplex Megamall Pinang (level 4)

Showtimes ResultFri, 25 Apr | 26
Mega Cineplex - Megamall Pinang (Level 4), Prai
Tel: 04-3992588
Date: Friday, 25 Apr 2014

Brick Mansions (P13)
1 Hour 35 Minutes, English
  11:30AM   01:15PM   03:00PM   04:45PM   06:30PM   08:15PM   10:00PM   10:10PM   11:45PM

Sniper (P13)
1 Hour 23 Minutes, Malay
  11:30AM   01:15PM   04:45PM   06:30PM   08:15PM

Iceman (P13)
1 Hour 44 Minutes, Cantonese
  01:45PM   03:45PM   05:45PM   07:45PM   09:45PM   11:45PM

Tokarev (18)
1 Hour 37 Minutes, English
  11:30AM   03:00PM   04:45PM   11:55PM

Transcendence (P13)
2 Hours, English
  12:15PM   02:30PM   04:45PM   09:30PM   11:45PM

Delete My Love (P13)
1 Hour 43 Minutes, Cantonese

Rio 2 (U)
1 Hour 41 Minutes, English
  12:00PM   06:15PM

Captain America: The Winter Soldier (P13)
2 Hours 15 Minutes, English

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